ODROID XU4 and NR - just for the thrill

Kind of tempted, I was thinking about purchasing an ODROID XU4 with an eMMC to give Node-RED something new to play with.

Anyone managed to install NR on an Odroid? Is it possible? The thing is said to support Ubuntu 16.04


Hello, indeed it is possible and easy to install Node-RED on an Odroid. It has been a long time I did it (back in 2016) but I remember the installation was flawlessly . At that time I purchased a couple of Odroid C1+ direclty from Hardkernel. The first one was used only for Node Red. I found a note that shows that I installed Node-Red version 0.13.1 on the top of NodeJS version 4.2.6. This is the only information I could find but the installation notes are buried somewhere in Google Drive or most likely in some external backup media. I will see if i can retrieve them. I used it primarily for my first steps with Node-RED. I stopped using the Odroid later on since I was travelling too much (it was a kind of inconvenience to carry it with me all the time) and decided to start using Node-RED in my windows laptop. I consider the hardware of Odroid family excellent. The second unit I purchased was used to run as asterisk pbx and it performed very well. I am surprised to see how much the capacity increased in the newer versions.

Have a look at DietPi, they have an image for the XU4, You can also install Node-Red directly from their built in installation program.

As long as you pick a Debian based is (eg Ubuntu) then the Pi install script “should just work”…
(or indeed try the Diet-Pi method already mentioned)

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