Image to use for windows in node red docs?

I am attempting to contribute to the node red docs by adding a link to Getting Started pointing to the Windows install. Can anyone suggest an image to use for Windows that will not cause legal issues?

There is already one on - along with a link to - Doesn't Windows fit into Running Locally ?

Oh, that is where there is a link for how to install on windows. The impression there is that it is specifically about installing npm. I think it would be better if there were a section up above that, below the banners on installing on Ubuntu, and the rpm distributions, linking to the Windows install.

I was thinking of adding it at the higher level but possibly that would be better.

Well installing with windows does indeed install using npm... - but yes I suppose the section could move up below the other two to look a bit more consistent.. though for those that do then read on - need to be told not to use sudo on windows...

OK, will do a PR, after the time messing about getting Jekyll going I have to contribute something.

See PR

Sorry for butting in, as I don't use Windows, but what links to the Windows-specific page you mention above? There's no link from the "Getting started" page as far as I can see, so I'm not sure how you get to it.

Maybe "Getting started" should have separate icons/links for Windows and (non-Pi) Linux?

The link is hidden in the comment about not using sudo for installing with npm in

That was my original thought, but I think Dave is right that it should be on the Local install page. My PR moves the boxes for Pi/Ubuntu and RPM up to the top and adds one for Windows.

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Ah - found it! :smiley: It's not too obvious, so I think your changes are definitely a good idea.

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