Based on the discussion we had lately ...

I've taken the opportunity of a bad weather day to start into this journey:

It's not doing anything valuable so far ... but at least it looks nice.

Technically it's based on Inno Setup; the repo is here, discussion is open.

Anyone out there having an interest in creating a nice looking side-panel icon for this project?



I had time to kill, so fancied a doodle :nerd_face:


Will likely need the input from the maintainers however.


Hi @marcus-j-davies !

Whatever they say - it definitely looks great!
I'll take that - if I may - as a contribution for the dev phase.

Do you want to raise a PR ... or shall I move it into the repo?

I'll raise a PR to add the PNG and source file - I use Affinity Photo :+1:

Please convert it to BMP. That's the only format understood by the compiler...

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PR Raised :+1:

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If we want to formalise this as something the project provides, the sooner we move it into the Node-RED org on GitHub the better imho. Is that something you're open to @ralphwetzel ?

In terms of the artwork, if I'm going to be picky about consistency with the project branding, it is missing the hyphen between the words and should use Roboto Slab as the font.


Sure! :+1:

Graphic updated

Screenshot 2023-04-02 at 07.27.02


How do I test this?

Can we assume that the text regarding node.js versions updates along with the base version which I assume is a parameter somewhere in your code? :thinking:

Also, will it have the option to create an auto-start? If so, what approaches are being considered and do we need to have a discussion about that?

And lest you think I'm being picky or criticising - let me just say: BRILLIANT!

Once it's doing more than looking nice, I'll call for testers...

Supported versions et al. will be read from an ini file by a preprocessor...

Discussion is always good; let me get to that point and then we'll see...

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Status update:

Welcome Page
License Node.js
Node.js version selection
License Node-RED
Node-RED version selection
File Download


Great initiative, thanks!

The default installation of NodeJS & Node-red on Windows is personalized, i.e. uses the user's home & AppData folders.

However, when we install on a project server, we do not want to rely on any specific user account, so tweak the NPM prefix & Node-red user directory into directories within ProgramData.

Is there a way to select the installation mode (personal/shared) in the installer?

That's a topic we definitely need to discuss.
Changing the NPM prefix impacts - as far as I understand the situation - the whole Node.js / NPM environment on a given Windows system. I have my doubts that this should be doable by an installer of a single product - even on request of a user.

I could imagine offering this yet as an option in the very narrow case of a clean system - when the installer detects that the NPM prefix is not defined.

@all: Any opinions on that - or alternative options?

@omrid Do you apply additional changes - that could be automated by the installer?

I had time to kill - as for the Node RED install itself;

Your right path looks like the idea to support more than one installation of node-red on one Windows system.
How does this fit to the instruction in the docu to install node-red with the global flag?

Was mainly just thinking out loud.

Here is a more detailed version - probably pushing the abilities of the script at this point :joy: - but could be a guide into the type of interaction it will offer.

i.e there can only be one global instance

Just realised, everything I do - its now Node RED'ed :joy:

The "normal" approach on Windows appears to be to select to install for "All Users" instead of a single user. This uses the all users profile and requires local or domain administrator rights.