Implementing a new protocol


Does anyone have experience implementing a new protocol, how much could it cost. I'm looking for someone that could develop the BSAP protocol for Bristol RTU's.
This is the protocol Application Programmer’s Reference

Doesn't look terribly complicated. In fact you could probably do basic read and write by stringing together a few standard nodes and serial requests.

As to how much it would cost to have someone develop a node red node, I suppose that would depend on how much of the protocol you want implemented.

I would certainly give it a go however I don't have one of those PLCs.

Hi Steve, thanks for the feedback, I did some test and in fact it doesn't look so complicated.
Just to have a vague idea of the cost (for budget), lets say I just want to implement RDB access (read and write) by tag name or address, and having the scenario where I set up a full remote environment with all equipment needed for you to test. Can you work out a number?

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