Import a big set of flows

Hi Folks,
I try to import a backup of my flows from an old Node-Red instance on the new one.
The JSON file size is around 200kb.
My problem is:
Neither the UI nor the API-call to /flows [POST] seems to be able to import it without a timeout (API) or just no error message (UI).
Remark: On the UI I can import the flows to the actual UI, but when I click on any variants of the "deploy" button, it runs for a while and return with no message. No flows are saved when I reload the page.

Is there a way to get this done?


Can you not just copy the flows file manually, and rename as needed to match new machine name ?

Sorry, but I never have done this before.
So, I assume I have to copy the flows.json file to the remote machine.
But where to place it and what do you mean with:

rename as needed to match new machine name

I should mention, that Node-Red is running as a plugin inside of IoBroker. But I assume that the folder structure is the same.

I'm not familiar with iobroker so not sure what paths it may use.

Typical NR install is something like - /home/"username"/.node-red.

The default file name is flows_"hostname".json

this I will try tomorrow.

As was said, you should directly update flows manually.

At least in my iobroker flows can be found under:


go tit done.
What I did:

  1. stop the Node-Red plugin
  2. place the "flows.json" file to "/opt/iobroker/iobroker-data/node-red" (and replace the existing one)
  3. Start Node-Red plugin
  4. Open the UI -> Nothing is visible. Still only the default empty flow.
  5. Import the same flow via UI again and deploy it

Now,it only takes a few seconds and it's imported... :slight_smile:

Small remark: I use the IoBroker version 6.3.5.

Thx for the small brainstorming

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