Importiing Flow need position counter

I have a flow with a syntax error. The error message gives me a position but I woould have to count characters to find.

Its good to know where the error is. Would also be good to know where in the editor was.


  1. Copy the flow to a text editor
  2. search for "wires": }
  3. change that to "wires": []}
  4. copy flow and try to import it again.

Where did you get the flow from? If you exported it from node red then something strange has happened.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean. At this point, the editor cannot import the flow because it is not valid JSON. All we can do is point at where the syntax error was hit in the text that was pasted in.

I tried that and as strange as it may sound Notepad wouldn't find them. I finally found the "wires" in the NR by estimaating the average character in a line and counting lines. I amm at a point where I am having trouble reading. My daughter thinks I have partial Dislexia. I am begging to agree. I chose to reload the laptop and staart over. It is working now.