Improve layout on small mobile devices

I often use the NodeRed Editor from my android phone (6.1 inch display size) and I find it very responsive and good for small changes, but one little thing is still annoying:
The "deploy" Button is not visible, so I have to switch to desktop mode just to deploy my changes.
I'm using NodeRed V3.0.2.

This is how it looks for me on my phone.
Could you please fix this?

Thanks in advance

how does it look in landscape ?

Looks fine in chrome android 10 and 11 node-red v 1.3x and 3.0.2

Yep - mine looks the same as E1cid's

What version of node-red are you using?

I'm using the version 3.0.2 and the Opera browser to access the editor.

How is it in Chrome?

@E1cid and @cymplecy: what screen size did you use?
It works fine on my bigger tablet but not on the phone

It's the same as in Opera, also not visible unless I switch to desktop mode, which makes it basically unreadable on my small screen

The deploy button is visible but the layout is (for me) way worse than in portrait mode

6.1 inches
I wouldn't actually even attempt to edit on my phone - I was just responding to say that the deploy button is visible on mine

For me, it's also kind of an "emergency solution" for things that need to be done right away, e.g lights being constantly overridden by the system and therefore are uncontrollable, or for small changes when I don't want/have the time to boot up my Laptop just to do a small modification, but it really works pretty well for what i'm using it

That matches my size, and I wonder why it's different on your device than on mine.

screen 6x3 inches approx

I've looked mine up again and I have exactly 6.22 Inches

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