INA219 node configuration

I use a board with 4 fixed wired INA's on board with fixed adresses.
Unfortunately the INA219 node is configured to use 2 standard adresses an 2 other adresses, which first seemed to make the node useless, since the adresses are fixed and connot be changed during the setup process.

But there is a fix. Looking in the ina.html in the node-red directory i saw, that it can be edited.
Editing this part

<script type="text/x-red" data-template-name="ina-sensor-manager">
	<div class="form-row">
		<label for="node-config-input-address"><i class= "icon-bookmark"></i>Address of ina</label>
		<select id= "node-config-input-address">
			<option value=0x40> 0x40 </option>
			<option value=0x41> 0x41 </option>
			<option value=0x44> 0x44 </option>
			<option value=0x45> 0x45 </option>

was successful to use the fixed adresses of my board.

I wanted to post that just in case someone else ran in trouble like i did.

What did you change it to ?

I replaced the adresses 44 and 45 with the ones used on my board - 42 and 43.
All 4 channels work as expected.

So is it worth raising a pull request against the node to add those (as well as 44 45 ?

I'm not familiar with pull-requests, never worked with github.
I'm a AMX/Crestron/Extron programmer who uses node-red to interface all things that cannot interfaced by the mainstream AV-Controllers. For this job github is unusual.
To be honest, i cannot answer this question.

Ok. Maybe then try asking the author of the node (by raising an issue) if they would be willing to add it instead ?

I opened an issue on github.

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