INA219 multiple sensors

I am trying to use 2 INA219 current sensors, with one connected and at address 40 it works fine, when i put a second one on the bus with a different address I just get a error cant communicate with device message, but the first sensor still works okay?

What node are you using to the sensor?
Maybe a example flow would be nice.

the ina219 node

If you look at the node on the Flows tab (node-red-contrib-easybotics-ina219-sensor) you will see that it hasn't been updated in over two years. If you then go to the GitHub page you will see there are seven open issues and two opened in since December of 22021 that have never had a reply.

AND, if you click on the authors name (easybitics) you will see a link to the website and an email address.

You could try reaching out to the author and see if they are still maintaining the node.

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