Problem with node-red-contrib-i2c

Hello! I'm trying to read a Lux Sensor in my RPi4 with the i2c node, but the "i2c in" node is showing the error "Error: Invalid I2C bus number 1", but if I use the node "i2c scan", I can see the adress of all my devices pluged.


Someone has already faced this problem, or know what I'm doing wrong?


I think that the BME280 node and BH sensor are trying to read at the same time and that are is a collision or something like that on the i2c bus.
Place a delay node in front of the BH Sensor node to test and remove the i2c scan.

Hi edje11! I tried now but the error persist

hi - apologies for the breakage - fix pushed - try v0.7.2

Thanks a lot dceejay! I have updated, and the v0.7.2 is working good!

Mind publishing the complete flow? I have about 10 separate i2c devices I am going to build flows for, and your flow would be a great example to learn from.

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