Node-red-i2c: "Error: ENXIO, No such device or address"

Hey there. I'm new using node-red and I was using the node-red-i2c node to read data from my BH17450 luminoxity sensor but since a time ago I was receving the next error: "Error: ENXIO, No such device or address"

I'm using the i2c-gpio bus 3 as you can see in the capture that I attached. This was because I was receving a Remote I/O error using de default i2c bus.

Hello @dceejay, I know you have been working with the i2c node. Can you help me with this pls?
The sensor sometimes works and somtimes with me this error.

sorry I don't have any i2c devices to test wih - I just bumped up the library package to hopefully keep it working...
you might try the i2cdetect command to see what it reports at the hardware level - and make sure that you have enabled i2c support in the Pi raspi-config

@dceejay The i2c support is enabled on my rapsberry pi config. I attached here what shows the command i2cdetect:

What is the output of the following command :
sudo i2cdetect -y 3

BTW, I would always try to use the default I2C bus 1 on RPI.

The problem with the default i2c bus 1 is that I was receving an I/O remote error due to a streching clock bug. I atteched the output for the command i2cdetect -y 3

There is no I2C device detected from the command output. No wonder Node Red I2C node can not find it.

Check the wire connection and make sure that the device connects correctly to your system.

What is the stretching clock bug? :grinning:

You can read about the streching clock bug here: Advamation - Know-How - Raspberry Pi I2C Bug.

Does your sensor need clock stretching? It is rare to use such a feature as clock stretching.

If not, then you should try I2C bus 1 again. I suspect that your problem is not with RPI I2C bus.

Okey. I will try that and see what happend.

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