Including images when documenting nodes

I'm creating documentation for nodes in my flow, and I want to include images that can show up in the info tab.

Is this possible, and how would I do it?

The following sample shows my attempt, but the image is not rendering.

Check through the recent release notes because something was released not long back that allows a custom node to use a folder that will be attached to the Editor's web server. Sorry but I can't remember the details.

Thanks. I know that if you import a node or flow with a "resources" folder, then you can reference the image in that folder because it's part of the palette (which is great for documenting your published nodes/flows for others to use).

But my question is more about documenting a node in the workspace editor, not a node in the palette. I tried to see if it would work the same as an imported node (I'm using Projects, by the way) by using a "resources" folder in the git project, but that doesn't get imported into the Node-RED server.

Short answer is there isn't a way, as a flow author, to include images in the descriptions of nodes/flows - unless they are hosted externally outside of Node-RED.

Ok. Thanks for the reply!

BTW, I've just discovered Node-RED. I must say that I'm highly impressed!

I've been tasked with curriculum development on a proposed IoT course (post-secondary). Our program is focused more on programming rather than hardware, so I'm taking the approach of simulating hardware with TinkerCAD and then Node-RED. I'm going this route in part because it's so hard to get Raspberry PI boards these days.

Anyway, I was asking the question because I'm building up a bunch of simple demos in Node-RED and am documenting the flows/nodes.

Thanks again!

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