Influxdb node & internal server errors

Hi all,

I have flow that is receiving data from mqtt, converting such data to a json, and storing it into influxdb.

Nodered is the latest available for raspbian buster, influxdb connector (this) is of type "out", and influx is v1.8.4, listening on localhost without password and without encryption.

Unfortunately saving data to influxdb, is not working: I keep getting internal server error as response. Logs of influxdb are showing the same message reported in node-red.

Influxdb however is working well together with my Grafana.

Do you have any suggestion on how to solve the issue?


Welcome to the forum @marcostrullato.

Can you paste the relevant output from the influxdb log please?
Are you able to read data from influx using node-red?
If you use the influx command line are you able to read and write?
Please show us how you have configured the influx server in node-red

Maybe a stupid question, but did you used V1.x in the influxdb connector?
V1.8-flux is not the correct connector for V1.8.x what I understand.

It may be, it depends on whether one wants to use the Flux query language. Neither should give internal server errors however.

I think if you use an V1.8-flux connector with influxql query instead a flux query you will get an (server) error.

I have just tried that and with a Select statement I get
HttpError: 403 Forbidden : Flux query service disabled. Verify flux-enabled=true in the [http] section of the InfluxDB config.

If I try to write using a flux config then it accepts it without error, but it doesn't appear to work. Unless I am looking in the wrong place for it.

hi all,

thanks for the feedback: after some digging it seems the issue is due influx, and it's a timeout.
I will follow up in the influxdb forum.


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