InfluxDB on a Raspberry Pi

I have started using the flux query language with 1.8 when I write new queries, to get the hang of it.

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We have VictoriaMetrics on our watch list too.

It claims using 20x less memory than InfluxDB and running 10x faster. Here is a bench test.

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Impressive performance!

I have managed to write data to InfluxDB 2.0 at a rate of 100 records per second, which is way above what I would normally require.

Ubuntu 21.04 64 bit on a Pi 3B.

No noticeable CPU or memory problems:


That's good news. Do you have a comparison to previous CPU & memory usage?

I read that you need to enable authentication in 2.0, which adds a small performance cost. In 1.8.x I could get away without this.

I think I will still wait until there is a 64bit-Raspian. I depend heavily on google and on users with more experience. Which means that I need to run the most common OS/tools stack.


This is a new installation, so nothing to compare with. To be fair, they do recommend a Pi 4B with 4GB for 64 bit Ubuntu. I think this is a viable solution for home use, for anyone who wants to start experimenting with InfluxDB 2.0. Bear in mind @Colin's comments above :