Node-red on raspberryPi zero W

Last week i completed weather monitoring project using esp-32 and some sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, CO2, VOC. I am planning to add few more to monitor Luminosity and UV too. Data is feed to Influx DB which is running on my Laptop. for visualization I am using grafana and also node red is running to feed data into Influx DB. it works great but problem is i can keep my laptop running 24h for obvious reasons. Now i am planning to move everything to respberryPi to store data to InfluxDb and node red and Grafana too. I am preferring RPi Zero W due to it's low price mainly but also it's small form factor and low power consumption too as compared to RPi 4. and also it is easy to get.

So my question are:

is anybody already running setup like this on RPi Zero w.?

and is RPi Zero W capable of running all these (grafana, influxDb and Node Red).

Are you also wanting to run the browser on the same RPi Zero? I would think that it should be able to handle the backend stuff just fine (that said, I run an RPi3... but very heavily loaded with processes... no browser... and it can get a little sloggy), but I would recommend some other device to run the HMI/GUI. Even a tablet should be fine for that.

I run Node-Red and some other services on a Pi Zero W. Node-Red is a bit slow starting up and deploying changes but workable.
Influx and Grafana were too much for it though, it kept freezing up.

As others have suggested, running Influx and Grafana in a Zero is probably not going to work too well.

On any Pi, if you want to use Influx, then I recommend adding an external USB disc for storing the data. Running Influx to an SD card is probably not a great idea.

I started off using a Pi for exactly the task you described, but then moved it to an old laptop that was surplus to requirements. Running Ubuntu Server, it is easily able to do what I need and can be left on permanently with the lid closed.

I can confirm this, I tried it.

I have done this but, navigating via my main PC browser to the Zero IP (piIP:3000), not to bad.

What rate and how many channels were you writing to influx? Did you have an external disc or was influx running on the sd card? Also, just to confirm, that was on a Pi Zero?

Zero W, very light flow, 4 GIOP, 2 sensors, MQTT. Grafana and Infuxdb,

yes i am going for rpi 4 2gb. i think it will handle stuff like this pretty well.

What rate were you writing to influx?

Are you going to use an external disc?

I think using USB should be enough for me. Is it bad writing data to SD card?

Hi colin sorry for late reply. I am sending data to my pc after 10sec delay.

Slow - 2min

SD are not as reliable as a SSD - SD don't like sudden power failures (that is my experience)

Right, that is slow. Probably ok with an SD card then. I have a couple of dozen items going to the database, some once a second, so a couple of orders of magnitude more data.

Seven channels every 10 seconds is not a lot, so you may well be ok with an SD card. Wherever you save it, if the historical data are important then make sure it is backed up regularly.

if anybody really looking for RPi Zero sollution here is video you might intrested.
Cheap MQTT Broker on Raspberry Zero W / DietPi / MQTT Message Logger SQlite / PHPliteAdmin

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