Can the orange pi zero with 512MB RAM run node-red?

For a project, I want to use an orange pi zero 512MB to recieve data from a scale over serial USB. For this I want to use node-red. The flow itself is gonna be pretty simple, just send a string over USB and get a value back and then send that value to an influxDB.

Is the orange pi zero able to handle that?

Running in 512mb should be fine, you may want to ensure that the right options (--max-heap-size) are passed to NodeJS to limit the size of the heap it uses, but that should be about it.

Node-RED will run on a Raspberry Pi Zero which has the same amount of memory.


Are you planning to run influxdb on the pi too? I think that might not be more of an issue. It might be better sending the data back to a more powerful machine via MQTT and running influxdb there.

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