Possibility to use Node-Red at Raspbian-Lite?

Is there a way to use node-red + influxDB + Grafana at Raspbian Lite (no desktop), maybe by using another pc connected to it, or do these softwares require full version of the OS?

I'm using Node-RED on a Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless with Raspbian Lite.

Some applications like influxDB and Grafana may require to be installed with apt-get.

I've tried to install Grafana on with apt-get on Raspbian Buster Lite. But I couldnt make it work. I think that some of these applications have to open using a browser (via ip:port at address), which would require a desktop I guess, but I could be wrong.. How are you using node-red? And could you make inlfuxdb and grafana to work on this OS?

Grafana can certainly be installed on a headless server, that is what I do. The browser does not need to run on the Pi, you can run the browser a PC by entering the IP of the Pi. In fact I normally setup my Pis as headless server without ever connecting a display, keyboard or mouse. You can see how to do it at the link below (though I haven't updated it for Buster yet, but I will be surprised if there are any differences). That does not include installing Grafana though.
How are you attempting to install grafana and what is the problem.

To install grafana I followed the instructions. In this website: https://computingforgeeks.com/how-to-install-grafana-6-on-ubuntu-18-04/.
So, there is no way to run grafana screen (not the server bur the layout) on this raspbian lite? In this case how can I access the ip of grafana ( via remote pc with another OS (e.g. windows 10)?

All three of the applications you listed can be run on Raspbian Lite. That said, if you run all three on the same hardware instance, you may encounter performance issues depending on how hard you want to hit it.

That's the loopback address to access an instance running on the machine's own browser. You will need to use the actual IP or hostname of the device hosting the instance. Run ifconfig on the pi to get that.

Also the blog I posted tells you how you can set a fixed IP address on the Pi if you want to.

Thks people. Ill ckeck Colin's link and report if it worked later.