Inject: Interval between times

We're using node-red to retrieve data from our table in our database, and then we send the data to a new table in our database. We're using the node 'inject', and we want to inject in x:21 min.


10:21 -> 10: 41 -> 11:01 -> 11:21 -> 11:41 -> 12:01 and so on...

What we really want is 20 min, which is an option on our inject node, but unfortunately we're having some latency in about 30 sec, so if we say 10:20, we get 10:00 value and not 10:20 value. But if we say 10:21, we are then 100% sure that we receive the 10:20 data. So our question is, how do we set interval between times to be 21 min?

I think this will let you do exactly what you want


yeah, bread and butter stuff...



Or the standard inject node set to "interval between times" set for 20 mins - which will give you :20 :40 :00 etc ... and then a delay node set to 1 minute...

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Another option is to add a delay node of one minute.... if you prefer to stick with the core nodes.


As mentioned above seconds faster than me

Thanks all. Appreciate all the help. We used the delay and it works perfectly!

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