INSERT an interger into PostgreSQL using postgrestor node

I can't seem to get the syntax correct for writing an integer into a PostgreSQL table using the postgrestor node getting data from a JSON string.

Here's my query for a string that works fine:

INSERT INTO table2 (field1) VALUES ('{{msg.payload.UnitName}}');

Per the postgrestor help file it seems that for an integer I should just remove the singe quotes, but when I run this:

INSERT INTO table2 (field2) VALUES ({{msg.payload.din1}});

I get this error:
"error: syntax error at or near ")""

Any ideas what the correct syntax might be for working with an integer?

Does din1 actually exist in msg.payload? Use a debug node before& check the payload.

Well... thanks for that suggestion as I found out din1 actually doesn't exist. It's DIN1.
Sheesh, never even thought to check the case.
Bottom line, problem fixed so I'm happy and thanks again!

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