Install node-red-contrib-mijia-filter to nodered

any ideea how to make node-red-contrib-mijia-filter work with nodered again ?
its not in the search palletes and i tried
npm install node-red-contrib-mijia-filter but it doesnt seem to appear in nodered

webpage of the filter is here:GitHub - sjroe/node-red-contrib-mijia-filter: A Node-Red node that filters and extracts the sensor data of Mijia BLE devices obtained through node-red-contrib-ble-scan


Welcome to the forum @xjust

I see you have already submitted an issue on github, but there you appear to be suggesting it does work, though you have also commented on the other issue where you say you can't install it, so I am a bit confused.

Several attempts to install it made it appear.

Try to install it using npm alone. It doesnt seem to work.
Another user had the same issue.

So is it installed now and working ok?

yes. all good now :slight_smile:

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