Install Node Red on WebSphere



We have an existing solution running on WebSphere ND. We want to have applications generated by Node Red running on this Application Server. How would we go about this?

  1. Install Node-Red on WebSphere
  2. Install Node-Red locally and build the application, then export it somehow and deploy the application to WebSphere.

Any pointers ?

Many thanks



Node-RED runs on a node.js runtime... not sure how that works on Websphere ND if at all. Happy to be corrected if it can. You could of course stand up a node.js machine/instance next to it and use then call the various APIs from Node-RED. (or maybe call out to Node-RED from it)



Thanks. Then I need to develop some sort of forward from the WebSphere to the Node.js server



I know nothing about Websphere ND, but a quick search finds this piece of documentation about deploying node.js apps -

That would be your starting point.




I saw this, but it refers to WebSphere Liberty Profile which isn't the same as ND. I will dig a little deeper but from previous experience Liberty and ND are two quite different beasts, especially when it comes to configuration / deployment