Installing Node-RED on VMware Error

Hello everyone.

I am entirely new to Node-RED and anything similar. I have been given a project work at university which includes having to install Node-RED on a virtual machine. The PCs at my uni have VMware installed so I am going to use this. I have installed Node-RED before on my PC at home without a virtual machine with no problems.
Now when I copy the installer file of node.js onto my VMware desktop and try to run it I get an error message along the lines of "Installation packet is not supported on this platform". Afterwards, I tried to simply copy the node.js folder which has been created on my own PC after installation and placed it in my virtual machine. I used the install prompt in cmd but it didn't work. Then I tried to run the node.exe file and it says that "This app cannot be run on this PC".

I am using a Windows 10 virtual machine and downloaded the Node.js installer file for Windows.
Is it possible that it simply can't be installed on a virtual machine? Or are there additional/different steps I need to take in order to get it to run, compared to installing it on a physical PC?

Thanks in advance.

Do you have the correct installer ? 64 or 32 bit etc ?

Facepalm. I simply assumed our virtual machines at university had a 64bit OS... Turns out they are 32.
Thanks for the quick response, it works as intended now.