Install node with Palette or Local (Git cloned), issue

Hi all,

I use Node Red Desktop by @sakazuki, run with NR 1.0.2 and some stuf in a Win10 PC (1903 with last update) :

Example : i re-instal Node Red Desktop on a new Win10 partition and import a flow with missing nodes. If I install a Local node from a Git cloned, and then install a Palette node later, the Local node is deleted!
I need to re-install the Local node.


1- import a flow with missing nodes:

2- install local node missing : node is on top left corner !?

3- RELAUCH NRD and looks like good

4- install the palette node missing : the node is in the upper left corner AND the screen is grey again !?

5- RELAUCH NRD and the last Local node is deleted !?

I can not add a node from the Palette anymore, otherwise all the nodes registered since a Git, cloned in Local, will be erased!
@knolleary , @dceejay or someone else help with this : updated node displayed on the left corner and the Local node erased after Palette node installation.



Sounds like a question for @sakazuki