Install nodes without internet access

Hi All, I really am in trouble and need some help here! I need to install some nodes on a machine that I am no longer allowed to have internet access on!
I it possible to download a node(s) onto a a USB thumb drive, and install it later on the machine running Node-Red?
Please let me know how I can do this! Thank you so much for your help!

I assume that you would have physical access to the machine at that time then?

If so I believe you would have to replace the complete flows and credentials files. And maybe the settings file if you made changes to that as well.

That sounds ominous, could you explain in more detail?

Yes, I have a PC on a machine running Node-Red. Now I am no longer being allowed anymore to have internet access on these machines, yet I need to install several nodes. I need to download the Nodes I need to install, then put them on a USB drive and install them from the command prompt. Installing from the Pallette required internet access.
How can I accomplish this?

Perhaps some hints here how do it.

You can just cd to the node-modules folder and then npm install /path/to/addon. Then restart Node Red (there may be another way, but I run NR in Docker, so that's pretty easy).

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