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We need to install the Node-Red and some nodes in a PC without access to internet, as it will be located in a plant in a productive environment with limited access. Which are the options, if any, to do an offline installation (and updating it later) of node-red in such scenario?

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Can you use docker? Download docker and node-red docker image. Install docker and then run the node-red docker image. Upgrade is a matter of saving flows and running a new docker image.

Or download and install node.js and node-red

Adding node modules or extra node-red nodes without internet access will require downloading module / node code copy into place and modify project.json

I think that’s it. I have not done it but after node.js is installed it’s just javascript, config, and html files

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Thank you! We will investigate if it is possible to use the Docker option.

For the other option, we tried to download the zip from github, but when installing it with npm install following the instructions from "", still it was connecting to the internet to download resources. Is this the option you refer, or there is another option to do it completely locally?

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You could use the alternate-node-red-installer on a machine WITH internet.

Install it, setup all the nodes you need.

when done, copy that folder to the NON internet machine.

NOTE: The non internet machine WILL still need nodejs installed (so download nodejs, copy to offline machine & install that first).

Alternatively, give the machine internet for the duration of installation.


At work, we have basically the same situation for our software setup.

I prepare a Node-RED installation (both Node-RED and the workspace) on my developer machine via NPM, and just copy everything over. I usually keep them as zip archives, so it's basically reusable for other projects as well. It has to be for the same platform/OS, of course.

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