Installation/restore files question

Read through the backup and installation questions however I seek some clarity.
If I take a fresh pi OS install then run the node red install script I should have a good running install of node red. If I then take a .node-red folder off of another pi and drop it onto the fresh install it looks to me like that should give me an exact copy of that pi. Or would it?
Second is number of nodes, if I put a large number of nodes on a pi are there detrimental performance issues? Other than taking up disk space and loading up the side bar will it slow down the running of code or does it only do a scan for nodes on startup? Assuming I have four or five times the number of nodes installed than I actually use.
I'm trying to shorten the time it takes to install a bunch of nodes. My thought is to copy off the node red folder to a ftp folder to cut down restore time. I know it seems like overkill but I prefer overkill to lost data and a blind copy of the whole folder is easy.
The reason I want to install all the extra nodes is to keep track of them for future use . Right now I'm making notes about interesting ones that I might use then i wind up losing my notes.


yes all correctly installed extra nodes will be under .node-red folder so a blind copy should save them all. Yes we do scan for and load them all once at start time - so having a lot extra will slow down the start time, and use extra memory , but won't affect running after that ... (though some nodes do start up services even if you don't use them so yes they will eat further into memory). If you are not hitting memory or performance issues then you are fine to continue.

but also note - some nodes may interfere with others - of course they shouldn't - but...
and also when you copy over - the versions of node.js need to be the same - if you bump one up then you would also need to do an npm rebuild to rebuild any nodes that have any binary bindings.

In the past, I've sometimes moved things in package.json from "dependencies" to "not-now" or something similar so I didn't forget about them though I didn't want them loaded.

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