Help with nodes on a new install

Ok , so i installed node red (the latest version) on a new computer.
i have my raspberry pi node opened up and im installing all the nodes I have on it , onto the new version of node red on the new computer.
I got half way through my horrendous list of nodes. and now i get errors and the nodes are not installing.
did i do something silly? could i have installed something wrong. any tips or how to investigate the problem would be greatly appreciated.

That error msg says it failed truing to uninstall the node. If you are using that node anywhere in the flow, you can't uninstall it. You first have to remove the nodes from your flows, redeploy and then you can uninstall teh node.

Not sure if you already did this: Sometimes it helps (or you need) to restart Node-RED after you installed some nodes...

I see you seem to have installed 3 versions of "flogger" and 2 versions of GPIO?

It looks like they will be conflicting as they are showing as already registered. (so you may be doing something silly ) :wink:

You may need to take another look at your list of nodes, and remove the duplicates.

Yes I just don't know how i screwed it up.
But I did a factory restart and I will start from scratch

The easiest way people use is to copy over just your existing flow and package.json into your new user directory and then run npm install from that directory. That will go get all the nodes declared in the package.json file. You can of course check/edit that first to make sure it looks ok.

Well I had the node red all messed up. So I just did a factory reset on the computer and started over.
In also making it simple and generic as possible but keeping the highest functioning flow possible.

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