Errors on Installing nodes

I just installed a new image to my raspberry PI4 and made some updates.
Now I have
Node-Red V1.1.0
Node.js V14.5.0
npm V6.14.5

I installed some new nodes from Palette Manager, but I see many fails during installation.
Is that normal or I must change something in my raspberry setup???
I installed S7, Ubidots and Dashboard nodes as you can see.

The node you're installing requires underlying libraries to compile native bindings. Those appear to be missing on your system. It's complaining about a missing libudev.h to install libusb. Have you tried installing the relevant dev packages for your file system? If you're on a debian based OS, you can install it through sudo apt-get install libudev-dev, afterwards, go to your node-red user directory (/home/pi/.node-red) and run npm install to fix the failed installs.

I see that you're using NodeJS v14, which I think is the new LTS, but it's not officially supported by Node-RED yet. It means you can run into unforeseen issues.

We support all LTS versions, including 14.

We recommend 12, but at this point, 14 has been around long enough to reasonably expect it to work just fine.

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Thanks !!! :slight_smile:
so no need to reimage again :slight_smile:

Is there any way for Downgrade - anyway ?

Thank you!
I executed your adviced commands.
Shall this fix the both problems " It's complaining about a missing libudev.h to install libusb"?

Can I uninstall those 3 node packages and install again to check that no errors accure?

No need to uninstall, just install again, so in a terminal go to your .node-red folder then run
npm install node-name
where node-name is the name of the node you want to re-install.

If you want to go back to a recommended version of nodejs then the first question is how you installed nodejs initially. The recommended way to install nodejs and node-red is to use the recommended install/upgrade script from but I would not have expected that to install nodejs 14. To go back to a recommended version first uninstall the current one using
sudo apt remove nodejs
then re-install node-red using the recommended install script from

Just installing those missing libs then retrying the nodes install should be enough to fix it. Please let us know if it doesn't, as we would like to get nodes fixed rather than having to tell everyone to revert nodejs

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