Raspi OS 64bit install

I just downloaded the brand new 64bit Image for the Raspberry Pi. Node red is not on board.
So i tried the bash ... command described on the website.
My raspi is now for longer than 90 min busy with the install, currently at 'Installing node-red core'.

Is there another method to install node-red on the 64bit image?

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Can you abort the install and show us what is in /var/log/nodered-install.log please. That may give us a clue. I am not sure if it has been tested on the 64 bit version yet.

Hope that works ...
nodered-install.log (8.7 KB)

That looks as if it failed to install nodejs, unless the end of the log is missing.

I see there are some system errors, not related to node-red, it would probably be a good idea to sort them out first.
What do you get if you run
sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade

Nodejs installed just fine as seen by line 150 and 194 of the log, it's building the bcrypt code which can take a while.

Exactly what hardware are you running this on?

It's a brand new image, it does a update during the install process.
The first action i started was trying to install node red.

That didn't answer the question, what version of the Raspberry Pi hardware are you using

Sorry, had anothe window open.
Zero 2

Then 90mins is probably about right, the Pi Zero 2 have very little memory compared to all the other devices, it will take time to build the native components used by some of the node.

Start the script again and just leave it.

It had not even occurred to me that one would want to run the 64 bit version on a Zero. As suggested, it can take a very long time on a Zero.

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The Pi Zero 2 W is the same CPU as the 3b, but with only 512m of memory.

The module build will only be using one core and is likely memory constrained

After starting the script a message appears, saying it may last 20 to 30 min on slowest machines.
I killed it after 90 min.
Restarted, 30 min later it finished, with success.
But hey, this IS a slow machine! Tried a bigger program, takes longer to load than on a 32bit system on the same pi.
Booting takes also much longer than with a 32 bit system.
When the pi4 with 4 GB are available again, i will try this combination.
So for the moment thank you all for the help,

I think maybe that text needs to be ammended.
I seem to remember seeing that a 64 bit OS is better if you have plenty of memory, but not so good if the amount of memory is limited. I can't find that now though.

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