Installed npm install node-red-contrib-onvif-nodes@0.0.1-beta.16 Node Onvif does not exist

Hi, I'm new to the field and have a question about installing from:

on Raspberry Pi 4
npm install node-red-contrib-onvif-nodes@0.0.1-beta.16

After installation, I can't find the Onvif node in Node Red?
I've already tried restarting Node Red and also Raspberry.

Anyone have any tips?

Welcome to the forum @staebchen0

Refresh the web page in the browser.

If that doesn't help, were you in the correct folder when you ran the npm install command? For a normal node-red install you should be in the .node-red folder. If you believe you were in that folder then, from that folder, what does this show
npm list node-red-contrib-onvif
Also stop node-red and start it again in a terminal and copy/paste the full terminal output here please.


Hi, I have the installation in the directory

pi@raspianja:~/node_modules $ sudo npm install node-red-contrib-onvif-nodes@0.0.1-beta.16

changed 1 package, and audited 68 packages in 5s

2 packages are looking for funding
  run `npm fund` for details

found 0 vulnerabilities

executed again. And restarted Node Red and refreshed the browser. But the ONVIF nodes are not displayed to me.

I have additional

Installed. This is also displayed to me as a node.

But through the installation
no more onvif nodes have been added

I just found something interesting.
The directory


was created and also contains the corresponding files

sorry for the circumstances! I found it.
I didn't see the .node-red folder.

after I installed everything in this folder, the nodes are also displayed :slight_smile:

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