Instragram monitoring

Greetings one and all - and old newbie here.

Looking at Node-Red as a way of monitoring Instagram for any mentions of someones name. So someone mentions a specific username or keyword , I'd like NR to captcha it and store the details.
(Obviously I presume that NT has the ability to login to Instagram using my name etc )

Just wondering if anyone has ever done this - maybe as their own project or would enlighten me as where to start - thanks

Did you check the flows site:

"This node automatically checks for new content in a user's account every 15 minutes."

So you would have to grab everything possibly and then filter out what you wanted? Sorry, I don't use Instagram so I'm not sure what data you get.

When you say "mentions of ... name", do you mean that as what Instagram describes as "being tagged on a photo" or as in keyword search? I've managed to do a keyword search based on a python script before, but let me start by saying that it is far from easy, and isn't "notification on event" based but calling the script every X minutes and have it repeat the entire search and see if something new has happened. In comparison, being tagged on a post or photo, when it is the logged-in account it can be viewed from a single page, which should be relatively easy to automate.

Disclaimer: The kind of thing you're looking for can be found through Instagram's APIs, but these are not published. It means going through their internal APIs and potentially violating the terms of condition in order to do so. I'm reasonable sure it's not included in the Instagram node that Julian linked in the above post.

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