Integrate Azur 540R v3 using Node Red and node-red-node-serialport pallette

I'm trying to send commands to my Azur 540R v3 receiver using the node-red-node-serialport pallette.

As background info I use a Moxa Serial Server and I'm able to send commands to a video switch. As I use a different cable I also tested this by using Termite (a RS-232 terminal) and pressing a button on the receiver with as result that data is received.

I'm starting simple and are trying to send a command to the receiver.

I included the following in the injector:

And the following in the Serial out Node:

This is not working.

Below is the protocol information:

And these are some example commands:

Any idea on the command that I need to send, for e.g. for the Volume Up.


You can't just add \r in the payload or it will just send the characters \ and then r - the simplest way would be to add it by using the node option to add the \r
(and you probably may also want \r for the input line split also.)

Thanks a lot for the probably. Yesterday I tried the output option.

But also add it to the line spilt will solve the issue.


The other way is either use a function to append the character - eg msg.payload += "\r"; return msg; Or to set the inject type to be JSON and quote the whole string in order to make it proper JSON. eg
image "#1,01,1\r"

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