Interface between Multitech Gateway and Proface HMI


I would like to connect Multitech gateway to Proface HMI (SP5000 Series). I have sensors data streaming to my Node-RED online app through Multitech gateway. I would like to forward these data to Proface HMI device. Could you suggest me the best way to resolve this issue?

Thanks in Advance.

Partheepan, ok

Assuming the Proface HMI (SP5000 Series) supports modbus IP then that would be the way to do it.
However, your main problem is MT GW runs an old version of Node-RED
This is down't to a hardware limitation which means you can't install any of the custom modbus nodes as they won't run.

You could considered an intermediate device like Raspberry PI running NR to bridge the two devices.
Or wait for the new 64 bit GW which will available in the next few months.
The new GW will allow you to install modbus IP, or even some PLC drivers like S7/AB.


Thanks for your inputs. But do you think is there any other interfaces available other than using an intermediate Raspberry PI device.

If using Raspberry PI as an intermediate, how can this NR interface be implemented?