Node red to HMI connection

Hello, I want to ask a help in my project. I am creating a single monitor for multiple machines in our company, the problem is. I cant use Omron PLC to create a connection, only in HMI. I tried to communicate using node-red-contrib-modbus protocol, but in Modbus-Flex-Getter node it signaled its active but, I cant get any data from HMI. hope you can hep me to get data in HMI(MONITOUCH V9080ISD).

It is difficult to understand what point you have arrived at from a single image, are you trying to communicate in Modbus TCP / IP (ethernet), or via Rs485?
Do you have the HMI datasheet where to find the configuration parameters and communication schemes? If not this is a good document to start with

Sharing your code would make it easier to help you

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