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Another noob question, under "Edit node" there are: properties | description | appearance buttons. What is the purpose of description? Simply to keep notes or does it become something that's actually processed? Couldn't find anything in the help, so I'm ASSuming it's just for notes...



It's just for notes/documentation like you guessed.

Covered in the docs here:

Thanks, guess I didn't where to look yet. Got a lot of reading to do!


Here's another Q.

Once, I managed to find a "screen layout" page that showed all the separate groups in a flow and the widgets within the groups so you could visually adjust the width, spacing, etc. Have never been able to find that again, so what's the trick?


Dashboard tab -> Layout tab:

Click layout button.
Screenshot 2020-08-10 at 07.08.45

These buttons only appear on the "tab" elements.

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