iPhone not able to access Node-RED UI

I have a IMac hosting Node-RED. I am able to creat and use the UI but I am unable to access it from an iPhone or iPad on the same Wi-Fi. 127.x.x.x:1880/UI. Any ideas?

THe 127.x.x.x address is a LOCAL address. Indeed is also referred to as localhost.

By definition, localhost is only accessible from the same device.

To access Node-RED externally, you need to know the IP address of the Mac.

It is possible that even that won't work depending on the security configuration of the Mac - I don't use them for Node-RED so I'm not sure whether incoming connections on power 1880 will be blocked.

Thanx I’ll get the address and give it a try!!!

Got the address from my linksys router app (2.4 GHz) add :1880/ui . All works good. I had a misunderstanding of local host vs. local network. Thanx for the help!!!

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