Node-red not loading on Webpage

I am very new to node-red, so I have a very basic question.
I am trying to load the localhost:1880 on safaru on my mac. However, it cannot connect to localhost:1880. How do I get node-red started please if it will not load on a webpage.

My version is as follows:
node v.10.16.3
npm v.6.9.0

Thank you so much and appreaciate your help

localhost is a short cut way to say “load on the machine the browser is running on”

So if your Node-RED is running on a different machine on your home network you need to type the IP address of the machine Node-RED is running on (followed by :1880)

If Node-RED is running on your Mac you can try the same thing. The IP address of you Mac is listed in the Network Settings in you Network Settings

open a terminal window and enter node-red - do not close the wondow or it will stop the process. Then go to Safari and use localhost:1880