The console says the server has started but the website doesn't load

Hey guys,
so I m currently trying to install Node RED for the first time on a ubuntu server, I used the commands from the documentation and when I use the node-red command the consol says that it has started but when I trie to open the website it doesnt load.

Which node-red command? (There are several similar commands).
What do you see in the terminal?

What URL are you using?
What shows up in the browser?

I am using the node-red command, it says i should use on the getting started page.
This is the terminal:
and this is in the Browser: Error: Connection failed

Firefox cannot connect to the server at

The website might be temporarily unavailable, please try again later.
If you are also unable to access any other website, please check your network/Internet connection.
If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, please make sure Firefox is allowed to access the Internet.

Is your browser also on the Ubuntu machine, or another computer on your network?

on another machine, the server is running on a raspberry pi4

Node red 3.x requires at least node.js v14 (you have 12). If you used the recommended script from Running on Raspberry Pi : Node-RED it should have sorted that for you. is a special IP address, it means "localhost", "loopback" or "this machine"

You need to use the LAN IP address of Ubuntu, eg

You can find the LAN IP using the command ip address show

For example on my Pi I get this

It's on wifi so the wlan0 bit is relevant and the IP address is

I get to node-red by
I can probably use the hostname ZeroTwoPink:1880 too.

NB I'm running RPiOS not Ubuntu, your network interface may not be called wlan0

Yes, that too, as well as the node.js issue.

Oh, I didn't spot the Node 12 problem. You have to fix that.

Can you show us the documentation page you followed?

so i used the one for raspberry pi and now i have nodejs 20 installed, and i now use another ip adress, where it says that it time outs

I'm not sure that nodejs 20 is supported yet.
The current recommended version is nodejs 18.
See Supported Node versions : Node-RED

Can you ping the pi from the machine running the browser?

yes I can, i even can connect to it via ssh

i have switched it to the current recomended version

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I discovered last night that the script was recently changed to accept --node20 but it's probably best to stick to node.js v 18 for now.

How are your Node-red machine and the one running your browser connected to the network?
I have heard that some routers will not pass traffic between network interfaces - wifi to ethernet for instance.

On Ubuntu, what does sudo systemctl status nodered (Note: no hyphen) show you?

What is the IP address of the browser machine?
What is the IP address of the Ubuntu machine?
You may be able to find these from the router web admin pages.
Alternatively on Ubuntu, ifconfig. The windows version is ipconfig

I can definetly connect to it via a browser because i also have installed Nextcloud and i can connect to the Nc without any problems.

Oh I just remembered something, the system doesnt run on ubuntu server, it runs on a version from the normal raspberry pi os preinstalled with nextcloud, i think it was called nextcloud pi.

Do you mean that node-red is running in a virtual machine of some sort? If so then you need to work out how to address that virtual machine.

Given that I know nothing about that I think I should back away from this one.

I think I misinterpreted what you meant. Does nextcloud have some default firewall settings that prevent you getting in to node-red?