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Hello everyone
I am new user of node-red
indeed, I install the interface on PC and I tried to have access to this iterface using my mobile phone.
I declared the address of the PC on the browser of the smartphone followed by the port: 1880
but I have no access

Is your phone connected to the same network as your PC - such as your local wifi?

If you phone is using its mobile data connection, then it will not have direct access to devices on your local network.

When you say you do not have access, what does your phone show? For example an error message, and if so what does the error say?

Furthermore, is your PC running a firewall blocking access from other devices in the same network. Say that instead of a mobile device you were to use another computer or laptop in the same network (if existing) to access Node-RED, would it show on those?

I have no access through my smartphone but without error.
kind he can not access it.
how can i know if my pc blocking access from other devices ?

yes I shared the connection of my smartphone to pc and I used the same smartphone.

Okay, but how do you know that you do not access? Does it give a blank page? Does your browser tell you it can’t reach the host? Something else?

he tells me this site is inaccessible

Exactly what are you putting into the browser url?
Also look in your phone settings and find what it's ip address is. How you do that will depend on your phone OS and version, use a search engine if necessary. Tell us what the phone's ip is.

So, I don't understand why the ip address of smartphone is needed!
I installed node-red on Pc I launched it and I want to have access through my smartphone.
I share the internet connection from my smartphone for the pc, to have a local network.
on the phone browser I put the address of the pc followed by port 1880.
I already use node-red on raspberry pi and I had access through my smartphone without any problem in the local network of course

I want to check that the pc is accessible from the phone. The first step is to check that they are on the same network. If you know of a better way of finding why you can't access it then do that.
When you accessed node-red on the pi from the phone how was the phone connected into the network?

A further thought, can you access node red on the PC from the pi?

both are on the same network, how to check that my pc does not block the access of the smartphone I have no idea but I will look.
when I use a pi (it's been 6 months), I had access either from my smartphone or from my pc without problem in the local network