Can't access termux node-red server on any other device other than the one running it


i'm new to node red so i started by trying to use my express 3 as a node red server. but not only can i only asses it on that very device, i can't input any text into the nodes. eg the termux notifications node



I presume you mean a Samsung Galaxy Express 3 phone.

How are you referencing node-red from the other device?

When you say you can't enter text do you mean in the node-red editor or in the dashboard? Is it ok for built in nodes?

I don't have any such issues with node-red running in termux on an android phone.

Can you ping the



yes it's a Samsung Galaxy Express 3 phone.

i was at first just typing the IP it gave me into my PC.

in the node red editor. though tbh i'm not exactly sure if i was doing it in the right area or not. you enter it in after you click/tap on it right? because i have to get my browser on the same device as the temux instance to request the desktop site.



Exactly what are you entering in the browser?
What does the browser show when you do that?
Can you ping the phone from the pc?



i was entering
i get this error from chrome ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
the ping part i'm not even sure how to do


#6 is a special IP address that means the ip of the machine you are on. So effectively the same as localhost. So what you are doing is trying to talk to a node red running on the PC. You need to use the IP address of the phone. Probably you want to set the IP address of the phone to a fixed address so you can always refer to it using the same address. You can probably do this in your router if you want (how to do that depends on the router) or you can set it in the phone. Google should tell you how.



well the main issue i was having is that i couldn't input anything into the nodes. but i figured it out. i have to double click/tap the node



I didn't even try running the editor on the phone, it is just too much of a pain. I run the dashboard there, but development I do connected from the PC. It is so much easier with a proper screen, keyboard and mouse.



yeah both issues i figured out