IR Flame sensor for Pilot Flame

I am new to using node-red, but slowly figuring it out. I am trying to set up an IR flame sensor to a pilot flame on a propane fridge with a buzzer that would be activated if the flame goes out. I am running Rpi4 with Node-red. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

Well, you will need to build the IR part yourself.

I'm guessing IR receiver, resistor (or two) to make a voltage divider.
Send that into ...



So you have going to put the RasPi somewhere near the flame to detect if it goes out?
(The flame that is)

I fear you may soon have a cooked raspberry pi pie.

Get an arduino (or like device) and build the sensor with it.
Even better if it has WiFi on it.

Then setup the RasPi as a WAP and connect to it from the arduino and send back the status that way.

Yes, it means a lot more coding and stuff.

But unless you really don't mind putting the RasPi near the flame.....

The idea (how I suggested it) is you would build the sensor - as I first described - as that won't change much anyway.
Feed that signal (analogue voltage) into an analogue input of the Arduino.
That looks at the level and determines if the flame is lit or not.
You then get this library MQTT PUBLISH) and publish the flame status message.

Node-red sees this message and then can make things happen.

Again: I don't know if you want to control the buzzer directly form the Pi or what exactly.

But given you are new to it all: I'd suggest getting a good idea of WHAT and HOW you want to do things, and work up from there.

Get all the messaging part done first.
Then when you have a reliable system working at the message level only, do you then move to the next stage.
Because all that will be is just a bit more code in the scheme of things.

But if you don't have a good picture/vision of how it is all going to work and who does what, you may be letting your self in for a lot of frustration.

Search the Internet for "Flame Scanner" there are all kinds of already built units that you could purchase that will give you various outputs for "Flame On" status.
I use one from ZeeCo on an industrial Methane Flare now. The unit I use has a digital output relay and I wire it up so that if relay closes Flame is ON, if relay opens, Flame is OFF and the response time is under 800 milliseconds. This unit also has a 4-20ma output that I can use to tell me the intensity of the Flame.
Good Luck.

Thanks for your replies. It was actually easier than I thought. I used a IR sensor, buzzer for alarm that I can turn off on the dashboard and a green/red light on the dashboard.

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