Is it okay to promote/advertise products and services related to Node-RED in this forum?

I haven’t really found many promotional posts in this forum (except in the Events category). Is it allowed?
We are not planning to spam the forum :robot:

You can post to share you projects or share your nodes or events channels as appropriate, to announce and describe your offering, but in general we don’t take adverts per se.

We would be interested to advertise in the forum (and willing to pay of course). Isn't there a way to publish something (which is clearly marked as advertisement or sponsored as you find it on insta for example)? The Node-RED team could still make the final decision of course.

If you have a Node-RED related thing to share with the community you can post about it in #share-your-projects.

We do not accept paid advertising in this community forum.

Okay, thank you for the clarification @knolleary. I think we have to find other channels to advertise because it does not seem to fit in the "share your projects" category.

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