Is it possible to change the sequence of nodes within left-navigation / subflows menu?


I really like using the left navigation / subflow menu. it is powerful (add frequently-reused subflows to it, colour them, give them icons, move sections around using settings.js categories: etc.).

What I'd like to do is change the sequence (ordinal) of the subflows once they've been added to the menu. Currently, it appears they are added by time - oldest at the top, which makes sense.

For example: I put three new subflows in the 'function' subflow section - they are added to the bottom, which is fine. But because I would use them frequently I'd like them to be at the top.

I tried drag-drop to move them to a different sequence, but it does not work as I had hoped.

I know this is a pretty specific change and if there is no way to do this I'm ok with that.

P.S. I realize I CAN force them into the 'correct' sequence by creating a new subflow section, adding them to it, deleting the original section, then renaming... a bit tedious.



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