Is it possible to run nr on a apache webserver?

Hey there,

I m just wondering if its possible to run nr on a web server?

node-red is (amongst other things) effectively a web server itself (it runs node + express)

If you mean serve its pages via apache, then maybe this will help...

You can run node red on a server that is also running apache if that is what you mean.

You can also use something like Phusion Passenger to control Node-RED from behind Apache. That used to be a common way to get some performance gains in node.js apps.

Most likely these days, you would use your web server to hide the inner workings of Node-RED from the outside world and possibly to offload TLS, authentication and maybe authorisation processing. See my recent FAQ on configuring NGINX with Node-RED for some ideas, you can do similar things with Apache. You may also use your web server to cache static resources - that are served by node-red but don't change much. Or even deliver static resources rather than making Node-RED do all the work.

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