Is it safe to clear npm cache

Hi I have 53mb of cacache, is it safe in Node-RED to remove these
and what command to use, I am using Linux.



safe - yeah. Recommended - not really, but no harm either.

sudo npm cache clean --force

But 53MB is not really a lot TBH.

Thanks Steve,

I am backing up to Google drive and for the npm it will take hours, because of all the small files ?

Or can I not back these up and if I restore to Node-RED in the future, will it still work correctly ?

No need to backup anything in .npm

Thanks Colin, I won't back it up :+1:

This forum is great for helping people like me out :slightly_smiling_face:

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In addition, in your .node-red folder where the flows file is (assuming you have a conventional install) then you don't need to backup the node_modules folder which can be huge. If you have to restore then you cd into the .node-red folder and run npm install and it will restore it by installing any extra nodes you need.