Is node-red-contrib-kodi OK?

Hello all,

I'd like to use the node-red-contrib-kodi nodes, or any other ones that could do it.

What I want to do is just start Kodi from node-red (Kodi is installed as an app in my raspbian config). Then I could use Kore with my android smartphone to navigate in Kodi and eventually switch off from there.

From what I can see, the kodi-in node tries to connect to kodi. But it won't until I start Kodi myself from the Raspbian menu.

Finally I am wondering if the nodes are outdated because of the links to command packets JSON-RPC API/v9

If you look on the node's github page you will see there are several issues that have not even been responded to, which is not a good sign.

As for getting kodi to run before node-red the solution is to make kodi auto-run on boot (unless you don't want that for some reason). I am sure that the kodi docs or google will help you there.

You are confirming.

What I need is just triggering Kodi. Is there any node for triggering an app in Raspbian?

This is not what I want, as I will need to quit Kodi most of the time and would need to restart my Raspberry to run Kodi again. Definitely no.

The "kodi" nodes are pretty unreliable...
Why not starting kodi through the command line with an SSH command?

If there is no other option... That would mean using my smartpone once for starting kodi with SSH and then with Kore.

Actually, I use Rhasspy as a voice command and Node-Red to trigger actions. If I could do it for Kodi, that would be great.

Too easy with the command node.

Thanks to all anyway.

That's what I meant. Either using this or the ssh node. So, from nodered in both case...

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@kart-able There is also the solution to start kodi remotely with the yatse app

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Thank you. It seems to be a great stuff compared to Kore, but I am experiencing disconnections with Kodi.

Actually Kodi freezes and I don't know if it comes from a lack of RAM on my Pi3 B+. A Pi4 would probably be better? I would also need a VPN, as most of the channels I am trying are not responding.

I had better results a few months ago with the same Raspberry, but I did not have the same config. I now have Rhasspy and Node-red running continuously. This may explain the lack of RAM or too many access to the CPU?

I currently use Kodi only on an Nvidia Shield TV and two Fire TV sticks (and Windows only for testing). I used to have LibreELEC on an RPi3 and an Odroid C2. But at some point it became too fiddly for me to watch Amazon Prime with it because of the libwidevine dependency.
Node-Red runs in a Docker container on a Synology Diskstation.
So I can't really tell where your disconnections come from.
But maybe it's a good idea to upgrade to a Pi4 and/or split Kodi, Node-Red & Rhasspy on multiple devices.

I am very satisfied with my Raspberry Pi3 B+ running Rhasspy. So I should look into one of your solutions.

I understand you can install Kodi on a Fire TV stick, but I am not sure with the VPN of your choice because of Amazon. I can imagine this is easier with a Nvidia Shield TV.

On of the things I have in mind is to be able to surf to any TV program worldwide thanks to a VPN like CyberGhost VPN or NordVPN.

Unfortunately, I can't help much since I don't use a VPN. But the apps, such as for Cyberghost, NordVPN and others are already available in their app store.

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