Is the MH-sensor-series Flying fish


is the Is the MH-sensor-series Flying fish I.R safe for eyes?


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This doesn't seem to be a question related to Node-RED.
Nevertheless - a quick search revealed this:

Hope this helps!

Hi R,
Thanks for looking, I also looked, but it still isn't 100% clear, as I don't see the power of the sensor LED.

I get the impression, that they're pretty safe, but not to stare closely at them.

I don't know what Node-red is?

Well, this is the Node-RED forum.
If you don't know what it is - why did you choose to ask this quesion here?

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Hi R,
I've sent the link to a my sone who may explainn what it is, it looks interesting!

Had to dig way back into my browser history but I wondered this a while back when installing security cameras with night vision IR illumination. Wondering if it was safe.
Check out this article --> IR Illumination and Eye Safety. Introduction | by Alex Kilpatrick, Ph.D | Medium

The sensor your talking about is this one, Single Channel Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Proximity Sensors Module – FC-51 – Art of Circuits, or something dang close to it.

It only draws a max of 43 mA ,so ya know for dang sure the IR light coming out is less than that number after powering everything on the board.

If you code it up right it is suppost to be on for a few milliseconds. You should only pulse it as needed to get a range finding.

ID guess its way less IR than my security cameras put out constantly.

Best of luck

Hi M,
My sone explained what Node-red is, and not for me just now.

I'll look deeper into your links later, as I scanned them and they're quite involved, thanks.

I get mxed up between I.R and U.V sometimes. My glasses go dark with U.V.

All I could find so far on these modules, is they work with the amount of light returning, and it's output is varied by the pot, for different distances.

I had these in the to do box, for altitude of a drone project I'm doing, but I have seen ultrasonic sensors. I'll look deeper into this when it is necessary.

And the answer to R's question: If you don't know what it is - why did you choose to ask this quesion here? is 'ignorance is no reason not to ask'.
Thanks all.

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