Is the Unofficial Docker Image still valid for face recognition and the noted software version compatibility issues?

Hi, new user here so I'm still finding my way around.

I'm wanting to try a little face recognition and found 'node-red-contrib-face-recognition'. Reading the page here it notes incompatibilities with software versions and the steps needed to overcome this. However I am curious as to whether this is still the case as the details look 3 years old now? I was tempted to just grab the unofficial image and use that but thought I'd post here first to check.


I tried installing the node-red-contrib-face-recognition module in a clean official alpine image and it still errored. I then built a new image from the official as per the documentation and it installed fine so I assume I've answered my own question.

I was expecting that this would have been resolved in the 3 years since but I guess not unless I've misunderstood somethign along the way.

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I think you would have to ask the node's author about this. The node is not maintained by anyone here as far as I know.

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