Is there a way to enlarge the editor size?

I need to create a flow that includes thousands of nodes, and will require a bigger editor workspace.
Is it a way, in configuration or coding to enlarge the editor workspace size?

You can use link nodes to split large flows across multiple tabs making it far easier to manage

Hi @ukmoose
Thanks. But our customer had some reasons preventing them from doing so. Is there a way to enlarge the workspace?

We ran into the same limitation.

The workspace dimensions seem to be hard-coded to 5000 units in view.js.

We can use the "hide label" function introduced recently to reduce the width. But the label will be gone. I am thinking if we can have a way to use a fixed width(like the hide label), but have a way to display the label (like the status information), it will be great.

The label is displayed in tooltip.

I think the questions to ask are

  • how come its so large (perhaps there are opportunities to optimize your flow?
  • cant you use subflows to group related parts down into a nice single node?
  • cant you revisit link nodes? my guess is you're using flow context (so certain values are unavailable on the other tabs - this can be solved in a few ways including 1. Dont use context, 2. use global, 3. pass related values in the msg before calling to a linked tab.
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