Is there any way to show the switch node labels?

I am trying to find a way to show a label for each output from a switch. Right now its tough to see the path of a flow through a switch without opening the switch node in edit mode.

Any advice on how to do that?

Just hover the cursor over the output and a tooltip will pop up.

the text that appears on hovering over the outputs can also be customised in the Edit Properties in the appearance tab.



You can also approximate it by using the name with embedded newlines. I normally add a number to make things clear.

I do the same :slight_smile:

@xxKeoxx Set the label to 1. Less than 4 \n 2. Otherwise


That is clever, I like that.
I feel the urge to go through all my flows doing that.

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I only do it if the logic isn't otherwise obvious. Not for everything.

Of course, this does yet again raise the question of wire labelling. I know this has been raised in the past but then the context was that wires don't have any metadata associated with them.

But this makes me think: could the port labels have an option that shows them permanently - possibly overlaid on the wires? That way, no change to the wire data is needed.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I will give all of these a try!

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